Grand Tiger TUV Launch Campaign

In March 2013, Zhongxing Automobile’s (ZX Auto) first pickup type SUV-Grand Tiger TUV started its launch campaign tour, with the first four stops at Nanning, Changsha, Fuzhou, Xiamen. Following the debut in Nanning, existing customers test drive activities also started at Fuzhou, Changsha, Xiamen from the 16th to the 17th of the month.


March 16, China’s first pickup type SUV- ZX Auto’s Mighty TUV launch ceremony was held in Changsha; test drives were also conducted on site of the ceremony. Grand Tiger perfectly embodied the combination of powerfulness and refined handling features that has been bestowed with it.

Stylish SUV-style interior, streamlined shape, sporty dashboard, integrated console, all these combined gives out the refined sense of motion and modernity. SUV level features, such as ergonomic wrapped seats, self-luminous luminescent instruments, leather-wrapped steering wheel, the Ark disk multimedia control keys, electronically controlled air-conditioning, electronic compass, etc. are all readily available.


March 16, 2013, Fuzhou Grand Auto Sales Co., Ltd. launched the ZX Auto Grand Tiger TUV. The launch was also facilitated with Junbo Park test drive and dinner recreational activities.

Themed new product release, the launch campaign also combined customer recreational activities including show room release and Fuzhou Junbo Park test drives, tank rides, archery play etc.


March 17, ZX Auto Grand Tiger TUV pickup launch and test drive campaign were held at Xiamen City, which is the fourth location of the initial launch. More than 100 customers were invited to the Changtai dragon and phoenix valley ecological park for test drive.

At the launch site, professionals pointed out, the majority of domestic consumers consider the pick-up merely a truck, a tool, a low end product with less technology imbedded as passenger cars.  In more matured auto markets, on the contrary, the pickup trucks are considered the equivalent to the SUV, far greater value than that of a sedan. In the United States, the top sale is the Ford F-Series pickup truck, with at least two pickup trucks in the top three sales. Driving around in a pickup is a proud thing to do. It is a way of life and has been integrated as part of the culture. This is why in the U.S. market pickup prices are usually much higher than the sedans but vigorous in sales.

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